Becoming a Sponsor

How can I benefit from Sponsoring?

We place your logo with a link to your site on your sponsee’s homepage as well ensure they share a minimum of 1-3 posts/per month with their personal/page followers. Plus proudly display the number of websites you sponsor with our official sponsor badge.

How much does Sponsorship Cost?

You can sponsor any amount however we recommend a $40 minimum for 6 months of sponsorship. We offer $5 & $10 monthly increments for personal and professional websites respectively.

Can I Choose my Sponsee?

We understand that not all businesses are a match for each other so we do allow you to choose the category & location of your sponsee/s. 

Requesting Sponsorship

Can I Get 100% Sponsorship?

We offer you the possibility of getting your start-up costs of $99-$249 (depending on your specific requirements & monthly plan) fully covered. However we do require you to also invest in your business by contributing a minimum of $4.99/month for personal plans and $9.99/month for professional plans. We believe it will allow more people to benefit from sponsorships and reduce the time to be matched with potential sponsors. If you however experience an emergency situation during membership (minimum of 3 months required), please contact us and we will work with you to find an optimal solution. 

Can I get Partial Sponsorship?

We understand that everyone’s comfort level is different with pricing and you may be happy to have your start-up costs sponsored or pay a portion of your monthly fee. We offer flexible options allowing you to ensure that money is never an issue with getting online!

Does CarriSocial Sponsor Websites?

Yes we do! We realize that we need to set the standard and so we offer sponsorship of start-up costs and partial monthly sponsorship. Simply complete the form and let us know your budget and we will help you get started with a solution that suits you.

What if my Sponsorship Needs Change?

The cycle of a business is nothing if not unpredictable and we understand that. Your needs for sponsorship may increase or decrease as time goes by. If you sense business is slowing, simply contact us and request the amount of sponsorship you require and if your business has started taking off and you no longer want sponsorship just let us know.